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Discussing a Musk Thistle (Carduss nutans) infestation.
Discussing a Musk Thistle (Carduss nutans) infestation.

Discussion Forum                         

NEW! - Participate in the Network Forum and Wiki Project to build collaboration and share ideas, projects and networking opportunities.

Please fill out the online forms below to Contribute Dates and Resources that can be added directly to this web site!

April 1, 2007 - The IWAC web site now has a good beginning with interesting interactive and audiovisual information in the Virtual Field Guide and networking links and information in this Network Center. All of this material has been produced in the past two years. However, you will probably notice that there are lots of projects, images and resources that have not been included yet.

This Discussion Forum section of the Network Center has been designed to encourage web site users like you, and your friends and family, to contribute ideas, projects, resource knowledge and networking ideas to the IWAC web site now and in the future.

A few prototype projects have been made available to encourage you to start your own discussions on a special weed related topic or for a local project in a neighborhood, town, or community. It is also possible for specific discussions to develop about particular weed species, bio-control opportunities, weed related workshops, community and school education projects, neighborhood projects, etc.

One networking project you can join now is the Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign Network Forum. Participants can create their own web page and start discussions, and Blogs and contribute photographs, videos etc.

A complementary IWAC Network Wiki project has also been started. This has been organized into topics related to the IWAC network center and anyone can submit ideas and contribute to the material that accumulates.

Google Earth provides another exciting way for people to collaborate on geographical oriented projects. For example, we are going to try to create a way for people who find patches of noxious weeds to submit locations and photographs for the IWAC project. The Google Earth Community already has numerous contributions of all kinds of topics from people all over the world.

For the purposes of collaborative efforts to develop the IWAC web site, a new Web 2.0 application program called Basecamp has also been used for communication between program organizers and Mountain Visions.

For more information, or if you have questions about these networking concepts, you can leave comments on the Forum or Wiki or contact:

All content on this web site is licensed under a Creative Commons License.