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Oxeye Daisy - 360º Interactive Panorama                

This is an interactive panorama represented as a FLASH movie. Click and drag the mouse to pan and tilt the view. Depress the shift and control keys to zoom in or zoom out.

Oxeye Daisy (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum)


  • Introduced as an ornamental, from Europe; it is in every state
  • Often in grazed pastures and meadows
  • Spread as a contaminant of grass and legume seed
  • Spread by seed is most common mode of dispersal


  • Shallow, fibrous- rooted perennial
  • Toothed spatula like basal leaves
  • Ray and disk flowers
  • Flower heads 1 to 2 inches across
  • Fruit is an achene

Note that there are several video "hot spots" available which provide more detailed information.

Panorama and video taken 7/08

Oxeye Daisy Video Sequences Found in the Panorama

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